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Luke Mostue was born and raised in Rothsay, MN. After spending several years working in a family- owned real estate agency, he decided to pursue a career in real estate himself. Luke received his real estate license in 2017. Why real estate? "After years of seeing the happiness and thrill that comes with buying and selling a dream, I wanted to be a part of bringing that joy to people. Helping others is a goal and priority of mine. Whether it's your very first home or you're planning your retirement, I would love to assist you in your next big move." When Luke is not working, he enjoys fishing, sports, hunting and traveling with his wife. MN License #40530254

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The Rental Trap

Don’t Get Caught in the Rental Trap in 2019Every year around this time, we take time to reflect and plan for next year. If you are renting your current home but have dreams of homeownership, your

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Baby Boomers Are Downsizing

Baby Boomers are Downsizing, Are You Ready to Move?For a while now baby boomers have been blamed for a portion of the housing market’s current lack of housing inventory, but should they really be

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25 Percent Of Homes With A Mortgage Are Now Equity Rich

25% of Homes with a Mortgage are Now Equity Rich!Rising home prices have been in the news a lot lately and much of the focus has been on whether home prices are accelerating too quickly, as well as

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Spring Maintenance Checklist

Longer days and warmer weather are approaching! Your home is your largest investment, and after the long months of winter, a thorough check-up can help you prevent or correct what could turn into

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